Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Show + Tell Vlog

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 Today I bring you my first ever vlog. Please bear with me as it was incredibly awkward for me to talk into the camera. After showing the Mr. the vlog he said I wasn't my true self until I was talking to the Fur Baby. So, just a heads up! I will get better with practice.

After many takes, and much anxiety on my part, I give to you my Show + Tell Vlog; lots of tell, not so much show.

The seven questions I answered:
1. Show us your favorite pair of shoes
2. A piece of jewelry that you wear every day
3. Show your favorite hair product of all time
4. Your favorite app
5. Your favorite food in your pantry
6. Something you recently purchased.
7. Your favorite accessory

{Linking up with Becky and Raven}


  1. Stopping over from the link up. Your ring is gorgeous! And you did great on your first vlog!

  2. hi! stopping by from the linkup! i love sperry shoes! theyre so cute & just so nautical!

  3. I love the Pandora app but my ultimate favorite is Spotify!! You get access to any song whenever you want! It's amazing.

  4. love those sandals! I get almost all my sandals from Target, cheap and super cute :)

    gorgeous ring btw.

    ok and bumble and bumble is my FAVORITE. Only prob is its super expensive, but when I get it, its so worth it. It makes me hair super soft.

    Pandora is on allllllll day long at our house. Usually on the Britney Spears channel :)

    you did great! thanks so much for linking up with us!

  5. HEEEEEY!!!! just watching your vlogs... loving this!!! so awesome to see other women who have done it... i have much to learn!!! XO


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