Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chicago: Part Deuce

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Back again, this time to recap the second day of our Chicago Trip! If you missed Part 1 you can find it here.

Thursday the 21st we decided to drive to Aurora, IL to shop our little hearts out at a Premium Outlet. Before we left though, we thought it a good idea to grab some lunch. We asked a Chicago native to tell us where we could find the best Chicago deep dish pizza. His answer? Bacino's {pronounced BA-CHI-NOS}.

We ordered our pizza with canadian bacon {picture cubes, not thin slices}, mushroom, green peppers, and onions. If I close my eyes I can still smell how stinkin' yummy this was. Best. Pizza. Ever. 

After we waddled out of there like stuffed penguins we hit the road in the direction of Aurora. What was supposed to be a 40 minute drive turned into an hour and a half. One word. Ok, two. Chicago Traffic. The Mr. was such a saint and stayed so patient through it all. I wish I could say the same for myself. ::hangs head in shame:: 

Once we got there though, all that misery flew out the window. I was in shopper's heaven. We went into JCrew, Banana Republic, Lacoste, Kate Spade, Dooney and Bourke, and Coach {just to name a few}. While the Mr. was paying for a gift for my Sis in Kate Spade I snapped this picture. It took up the whole wall behind the registers. I think it's darling. 

The one and only purchase I made for myself the entire time in Aurora is this little beauty, a Dooney and Bourke bag in my favorite color of all time. The last time I carried around a Dooney was when the Mr. and I were dating E-I-G-H-T years ago. I'm glad to have them back in my life.

 After all that shopping we were ready to head back to Chicago. We hit traffic again, but this time it was a little more manageable. 

When we arrived back at the condo we rested for a bit and then were ready for dinner. We walked a few blocks to Weber Grill. Yes, they sure do cook just about everything on their menu on gigantic Weber grills. Even their signature pretzel buns have "grill marks" on them.

I really worked up an appetite shopping so I ordered a half rack of ribs with cornbread and whipped sweet potato. Despite the long human hair I found in the cornbread, it was one of the best meals I have ever had. They were kind enough to comp the meal due to the extra protein in my bread. 

The Mr. had their Wisconsin burger, complete with Wisconsin cheddar and bacon with their homemade kettle chips. We ordered dessert to go and indulged in it back at the condo. It was called chocolate cranberry pretzel bread pudding. That was a mouth full. It was topped with maple whipped cream and salted caramel sauce. Yum-o! 

Unfortunately the only picture we took was of the outside of the restaurant. I know, all you really want to see was the food. Lo Siento. 

That marks the end of day two. Look for Part 3 next week. 


  1. yeah, the traffic there can get pretty bad. but that bag is SUPER cute & the Chicago pizza is totally worth it!

    hope you had a great 4th!

  2. oh. my. gosh. that pizza looks AMAZING!


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