Monday, July 9, 2012

Chicago: Part Tres

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Chicago Trip, Part 3.

 It feels like the Chicago recap is dragging out, but I want to remember all the details of our trip. So, bear with me. If you haven't already, you can read Part 1 and Part 2 before continuing. 

Friday the 22nd marked Day 3 in Chicago. On the agenda: Adler Planetarium, Field Museum, and my personal favorite, a Brewers' game at the White Sox's stadium.

First up, the Adler Planetarium. I wish we hadn't forgotten to snap a picture of the building. It was quite remarkable. We did manage to take a ridiculous picture of the Mr. and myself while we waited for a 3-D showing of Space Junk.

{Outside the Planetarium}

Next stop, the Field Museum.

This is Sue. Isn't she pretty? She is the largest T-Rex discovered. The picture doesn't capture her enormity, but believe it or not she is 42 feet long and 12 feet high!

{These guys were crazy cool and huge}

The much anticipated Brewers' game was the last stop of the day. 

 {The Mr. and I before the game started}

{Chicago Syle Hot Dogs, a.k.a supper}  

      {My Dad with us girls}

 {Panoramic view of the U.S. Cellular Field at night}

The Brewers won the game in an extra inning, 1-0. The White Sox put on a pretty specatular display of fireworks to end the evening.


 Tomorrow come back for Part 4, the final edition. See you then!

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