Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chicago: Part Uno

Pin It Now! Well, it's about time I got around to blogging about our Chicago trip. I am going to break the posts up into two or three different parts.

Today I bring you part one!

We left for Chicago Wednesday the 20th. Surprisingly, the Mr. and I smushed everything we needed to survive into 1, count 'em, 1 suitcase! {Hear the hallelujah chorus?} So, 2 humans, 1 suitcase, and $20.00 in toll money and we were on the road.

The first thing we did was feed our hungry tummies. We asked the bellman at the condo where we could grab a quick bite, within walking distance. He suggested a quaint sandwich restaurant right around the corner. Enter Erie Cafe. I am hitting myself in the forehead for not taking a picture. Superb atmosphere and food. I ordered a burger {at least a pounder} and fries and the Mr. ordered a club sandwich and fries. While we waited for our food we got to feast on a basket of the most delicious homemade bread and cheddar butter. Yum.

Then we checked in at the condo. Wanna see our view? Pretty. 

After we got settled and unpacked our one bag we were ready to see the city! The condo was relatively close to Michigan Ave. {thee place to be} so we started walking. We walked and we walked and then we walked some more. I'm going to guess we walked a few miles the first day. We ended up all the way down by Navy Pier.

 Once we got to Navy Pier my feet were a hurtin'. I preceded to walk barefoot. I didn't care how dirty or hot the ground was. It felt so good. Thankfully we sat down on some benches right on the water and watched the boats come in and out to dock. They also had a cover band putting on a decent show. It was unbearably hot that day, like almost 100 degrees. So sitting by the water felt so refreshingly cool. Looking back, I wish I would have been brave enough to ride the iconic Navy Pier ferris wheel. Next time. 

{city view from the Pier}

Our dawgs {as my Dad called them} were so tired so we decided to take the trolley up to Michigan Ave. to catch a bite to eat. We stopped in at the Grand Luxe Cafe, basically a glorified Cheesecake Factory. I had a BLT sandwich and organic side salad while the Mr. ate a leafy Caesar Salad. I was a little shocked myself at his choice of food. I also ordered one of their famous {huge} Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies to-go. Oh my heavens, it was the yummiest cookie I have ever had.  

Then, as if we hadn't packed enough into one day we headed down Michigan Ave. to Macy's to hunt down some comfy shoes for me. Alas, no luck. I was looking for something to this extent, but what do you know? The third largest city in America couldn't pull through for me. So it was back to the ouchy sandals.

After no luck in the shoe department it was time to hit the pavement all the way to the John Hancock Observatory. We rode an elevator 94 floors up to a 360 degree view of the city. 

We watched the sunset and were able to see the city view at night. We overheard a Chicago local point out lights in the distance across the water and informed us it was Indiana! 

We stayed for a special fireworks show that was set off near Navy Pier. This was the first time we have watched fireworks from 1,000 feet up. A very different perspective from the traditional ground watching. Isn't it stunning?

We had a great first day in Chicago. Next up, day two. Make sure to stop back tomorrow!

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