Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

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Dear 4th of July, even though it was crazy, stupid hot here in Wisconsin {we're talking almost 110 with the heat index} fun was had by all. Another year in the books. Dear Lake, today my sister and I will be floating on you in our Spring Floats and packing a picnic lunch to enjoy on your dead, crunchy, brown grass. It's the truth. Dear Starbucks, I am looking forward to seeing you tonight and meeting up with friends for a much needed coffee date. Dear week, once again you have flown by and brought us to another Friday. While it was a busy week, it was a productive week. Dear Cheesehead Chase 2 mile run, you are in 8 days. I don't feel ready for you. I have not laced up my running shoes in weeks and weeks. Too hot + hate for treadmill running= no running at all for this lady. Dear Mr. you seriously amaze me with your support and belief in me that I can do anything I put my mind to. In case you were wondering I adore you, every last bit of ya! Dear God, this week I have been focusing on making an effort to trust in You. Life is so much easier when I simply trust. Thank you for reminding me of that this week.



  1. Visiting from Friday Letters. I can't believe how hot it is there, one of my friends is up there this week and she said it was hotter then FL. That's crazy! Happy almost weekend!

  2. Popping in from Friday Letters!

    Ugh this heat is awful! We've been in triple digits for far too long!

    Your lake trip sounds fabulous! Enjoy!

  3. Stopping by from Friday Letters. I'm in Wisco too, this heat is AWFUL! I'm ready for a break. Heading up to Door County for a bit of lake relief this weekend also!

  4. Hey ...first of all, re: the comment above. Do people from Wisconsin really call it Wisco?? Is this a secret unbeknownst to East Coasters??

    Second of all, very sweet letters! I love it :) I agree on the heat, but we've been lucky that it's only been in the 90's around here! Hope all is well!!

  5. Hi from Fridays Letters!

    It's crazy hot this summer, I hate it! But hope you had a great 4th anyways. And I'm ADDICTED to Starbucks. I might need to visit there this weekend too. :)

  6. 110 degrees? oh my goodness! i'm glad you still had a fun fourth, even in that blazing heat. have fun at your starbucks date, & i feel you on trusting god - it feels so good to let everything go & take comfort in the fact that's he's got it :)

    - lauren

  7. have a fun coffee date!


    have a good one!

  8. I thought my fourth was hot and it was only 100 here in Cali! Nice picture I enjoyed reading this post xo


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