Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life Ain't Like a Bowl of Cherries

Pin It Now! I've previously mentioned this transitional phase I am. The transition of working wife to stay at home wife. I haven't really talked about it. How I am feeling. What I am thinking. How crazy supportive my Mr. is. How amazing God is.

It all started a couple months ago, maybe April to be precise. The Mr. and I were starting to see the light at the end of tunnel; graduation. For the last two years we had spent every evening doing homework together, studying the bones, the muscles, x-ray positions, making nutrition plans, writing papers, etc. It was exhausting, and honestly a little lonely. He was stuck up in the office and I was downstairs cleaning up from our 5 minute excuse of a dinner.

Like I said, we saw the end. Two months until graduation. May 19, 2012 and then we were free. Free of homework. Free to enjoy our evenings together on the couch or walking the pup, biking or running, whatever we wanted! Freedom.

Then something started itching inside of me. Change. You know when the winds of change start blowing. At least I do, I can feel it. I didn't quite know what the change would be. Then, almost clearly I heard to leave the job I have known and loved for three and a half years. What? God, I know I didn't hear you right. Or maybe you were talking to someone else. I am fulfilled in my job, I love those boys like they are my own. They need me. I need them. Then again, the nudging that it was time.

You see, sometimes God tells us to take a step in a direction that is uncertain. It's called faith, right? No one tells you faith can be hard or even scary. No one tells you trusting Him will make you cling so hard to Him it hurts. Trusting His timing over ours. Trusting His ways over ours. It's hard. But the reward. So worth it. The lesson I learned. Priceless.

Fast forward. The Mr. is done with school and loving both careers God has placed him in. And here I am. I took the leap of faith. I am trusting in Him. I know He has a plan and I am starting to see that plan coming to fruition.  It's exciting.

I am so happy with where He has me. I have started this blogging journey, which I probably wouldn't have started. I am opening up my heart to His desires for my life. He has changed me. I love the changes that I see. The compassion He placed in my heart. A love for youth that so badly need to see His love through me. A desire to be a better wife, a better homemaker, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend. 

I love where He has me. It's right where I want to be.

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