Thursday, July 19, 2012

Love From the Farm

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 Last Sunday we spent the day at the Mr.'s parents' farm for a family reunion they hosted.

Side note: I was born and raised in the city. A town really. The kind where we walked to the gas station as kids to buy candy. The kind of town where we bicycled to our cousin's house.

Then I met the Mr., born and raised on a dairy farm his whole life. Talk about polar opposites.

I remember visiting him when we were dating and holding my shirt over my nose to shield the stench of manure. Thankfully I have gotten used to the smell of a dairy farm and can enjoy myself without walking around with my shirt up to my eyeballs. {You still can't pay me to go in the barn.}

His parents built their beautiful dream home on the farm when the Mr. was 11. It looks like a white dollhouse, plopped right on top of a hill. Next to the picture perfect house sits a big barn where all the pretty girls get milked. Then a milk truck picks up the milk and takes it to Organic Valley. Yup, organic dairy farmers. I am quite proud to call them my in-loves.

End side note. 

So that's the backdrop to our Sunday Family Reunion.

There were around a hundred people who parked their cars in the hay field. Kiddos blowing bubbles and coloring on a picnic table covered with drawing paper, volleyball, washers {the game, not the appliance commonly used to clean clothes}, kid games, frisbees, live music, and food. Oh, the food. Never in my life have I witnessed such a variety of deliciousness.

Wanna see?

These pictures were taken in the beginning of the day before more food showed up. Pictured above is only about 1/3 of the yumminess I consumed. Some of my favorites from the day were BBQ pulled pork sammys, corned beef dip, grape salad, german potato salad, veggie pizza, seven layer salad, and apple struesel. I ate 4 plates. I had to repent of gluttony.

Here are some other pictures from the day.

{That's the Mr.'s older brother in the grey shirt. His band Those Guys played some pretty great cover tunes for everyone.}

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  1. I hope this doesn't post twice....

    That place looks picture perfect!! I grew up living on a boat and my husband grew up on a farm. Love my farm boy!!


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