Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Anticlimactic Weekend

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If you remember reading this post you'd recall that we had a full and fun weekend planned. Planned being the opportune word.

Here's how it ended up unfolding.

We started our weekend Friday. Around 1pm to be exact. The beauty of the Mr.'s work schedule is we generally have Friday afternoons together.

I convinced him, with some bribery I might add, to help me clean all 16 of our windows, inside and out. It put us in the mood {hey, quit that!} to do even more cleaning. We wiped down ceiling fans and ended up rearranging our bedroom too. It feels like spring in the Walsh Household!

{What a guy I have. Sorry, I snatched him up before you all had the chance.}

We were able to catch a little of the Opening Ceremonies Friday night, which was also fun and memorable.

Saturday morning rolled around at about 6 am because a nasty stomach ache woke me up way before I ever planned on getting out of bed. Boo.

I got out of bed to use the bathroom {ahem}. Then I started feeling all sorts of queasy, nauseous, and dizzy. I was determined it was some weird fluke {since I never get sick} and by noon time I'd be feeling fine. Except, that wasn't the case so much.

As the day progressed I felt even worse. Then I discovered I had a low grade temp.

Say goodbye to our plans.

We had to cancel a birthday party, a dinner date with some friends, and I skipped Church Sunday morning.

By Sunday afternoon I had literally had enough of feeling like crap so I told Jim he better start praying. We had another birthday party Sunday evening, this one for the 4 year old I used to nanny for. I was not about to miss that party. He would be crushed if we didn't show up. Plus, we had a pretty sweet nerf gun to give him.

I slowly started to feel a little better, then even more better. Until finally, I was able to walk around, get some sort of public appropriate clothing on and head out to the party.

It was a blast! I was weak and tired, but the smiles on the boy's faces when they saw us pull up was so worth it! They were practically glued to our sides.

I am so grateful that our weekend didn't turn out as planned. I learned a serious lesson. All we had to do was stand in prayer together and you know what guys? It worked. He answers our prayers. He's a pretty cool God.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. As I'm sure you can understand, pictures weren't on the forefront of my mind this weekend.

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  1. Oh! Im sorry! I had stomach virus Friday night and in to Saturday! So I know how you feel! Hope it's all cleared up by now! Have. Great rest of the week!


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