Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Weekend In A Nutshell

Pin It Now! We had such a refreshing and relaxing weekend celebrating our anniversary.

Saturday, the Breakfast Chef Master {a.k.a. the Mr.} made us some yummy hash browns, pancakes, and eggs. I think breakfast is my favorite meal. Then we hung out at home and outside together, just soaking up our time with no agenda. It was magnificent.

Sunday we continued the celebration. After church we went hiking through our favorite woods with the Fur Baby. Next to playing frisbee this kid loves, loves, loves to retrieve a bumper out of the water and lead the way through the hiking trails- all while on the look out for chipmunks and squirrels.

 After we perspired our weight in sweat we drove up the road to Kelly's Country Creamery, a local ice cream shoppe that uses their own dairy cow's milk. We shared a Green Dragon {lemon lime ice cream with yellow sprinkles}. Perfection. Even the Fur Baby got a few bites. Lucky boy.

It was really the perfect weekend. We ended it all at our friend's home hanging out, chatting, and laughing ourselves silly.

Here's to hoping your weekend was wonderful too!

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