Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm One Lucky Gal

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Remember when I shared about a giveaway that the Red Barn Candle Company was hosting? It was for 5 {count 'em F.I.V.E} beautiful summer Essie polishes. 

I entered before you could say Essi...

Well guys, I was the lucky winner. It's true. I really won! See?

Here they are. In my very own arms. Actually desk. 

I like to call them {from left to right} by name:
mademoiselle, off the shoulder {which is my current color of choice}, e-nuf is e-nuf, fear or desire, and turquoise and caicos {my all time favorite polish}.

Since I already own turquoise and caicos I am tucking this one away for a rainy day. Perhaps to give away to one of you, my friends. A little pay it forward action.

Thanks again Amanda for hosting an amazing giveaway! 


  1. YAY! That's such a great giveaway, lucky you!! ;)

  2. What a fab giveaway!! Soo jealous

  3. Those are some great colors! I'm loving the first and third colors.

    Congrats on winning!


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