Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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I have been busy this week loving all sorts of things!

I'm loving that I'm making the best of being away from the Mr. At some point each day I have taken a moment to snap a self portrait and send it to him. 


{Also Monday, sleepy bear was missing his Daddy}

 {Tuesday, blowing him kisses}

 {Today, Wednesday}

I'm loving my new "job". It's official. I am so blessed and so honored to be on staff at our local church with none other than the Mr. I am so happy that we can take our team mentality to the working world. {A detailed post coming soon.}

I'm loving this little number. I made it up Monday night on a whim. I call it Peanut Butter Caramel Chip {vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, caramel sauce, and chocolate chips}! Seriously amazing.

I'm loving this words to live by quote I found on Pinterest. I love it so much that it's now the wallpaper on my phone. {Go follow me:}

I'm loving Press N Seal. Have any of you made the switch from Cling Wrap or Saran Wrap to Press N Seal? No? Go do it. You'll thank me. Not to mention their seasonal patterns make it at least eight times cuter.

I'm loving this picture of the Mr. that he sent me from summer camp. I've looked at it a dozen times. He makes me smile.

I'm loving the cleaning freak I have been. Since the Mr. and I washed all the windows on Friday I decided Monday should be wash-the-outside-of-all-our-cupboards day. Kitchen and bathrooms, thank you very much. I even walked across my kitchen counter and wiped down the tops of the cupboards. They were hairy. Not any more!

I'm loving Pirate's Booty. Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy, tummy, tummy. Have any of you ever tried it before? This week was my first time and

 That's it for this week. Can't wait to discover and share what I'm loving next week!

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  1. i absolutely love Pirate's booty! sooo good!

    i love that you send those cute pictures to hubby, so sweet!

    congrats on being official at your job :)

  2. that ice cream dish sounds really yummy considering my husband and i love ice cream. what type of dog do you have? i was reading your profile of you under your picture and i thought for a moment you could be my twin sister!


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