Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Letters

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Dear Autumn, you are here {officially tomorrow}, but the weather this week has verified you are here to stay. I'm loving the apple cider, pumpkin bread, autumn crafts, and cozy slipper socks. Dear Mr., this weekend we have no big plans, which means we can have a spontaneous date night, catch up on some good reading, decorate the house for fall, snuggle under blankets, sip on warm beveys, and watch movies. It's going to be glorious. Dear Weekend, did you catch all that? Dear NEW FOLLOWERS, welcome! I am truly honored to have you a part of our lives. I have so enjoyed the emails and comments from you all this week! Dear Perfect Fall Boots, I need you. Wherever you may be, please find me. Bonus points if you are a great price. Dear Kitty Bear, a.k.a the Fur Baby, it's been far too long since Momma has written you a letter. You have been loving this chillier weather which naturally means you stay under the covers all night long, right at my feet. It's amazing to me that I accept mediocre sleep so you can be cozy and comfortable. You're worth it buddy. Dear Self, you learned how to count to 10 last night in French, little rock star. Dear God, you have been speaking to me through lots of other blogs, people, and the Mr.'s sermon on Wednesday that I am a masterpiece. That you made me {and each individual} exactly the way you wanted, down to the very last detail. A masterpiece. It's truly an amazing revelation I've grasped and I just hope others will too. It's hard to think people can willingly reject you. The fact alone that you have created me blows my mind. I couldn't and wouldn't live without you. Ever.



  1. Oh my!! I just sat here and tested myself if I could remember how to count to 10 in french!!! Turns out i can!! Was taught 10 yrs ago in school :)

  2. Stopping by on the linkup! Cute blog! I love that you wrote a letter to God because I did too! You are indeed a masterpiece!

  3. I woke up to my man saying, "Last day of Summer!" this morning! Wow, Autumn has come so fast. I'm with you though, I'm ready! :)

    Distinctly M


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