Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Letters

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 {last year's fall pumpkins}

Dear fall, you're here. I could not be more thrilled. Dear followers + readers, have you checked out my GIVEAWAY? It ends Sunday so hurry on up and enter! Dear Mr., today we are going to our all time favorite place; the spot where you proposed. We're also headed to your family's farm. Cross your fingers and say your prayers that we are able to get a good shot for our Christmas card picture. This requires that you get your real smile ready {love you honey!}. Dear camera, please be nice to us and take beautiful pictures so we don't have to do this all over again. Dear master bedroom closets, office closet, and linen closet, you guys were reorganized last week/weekend. It's so refreshing to open you and see everything just as it should be. The nerd in me opens you up even when I don't need anything, just so I can marvel at how organized you are. Dear sponsors, quite a few of you are new around these parts. I'm so blessed you are a part of This Beautiful Life. I hope my readers enjoy you as much as I do! Dear God, Your faithfulness is everlasting. Your mercies are new every single day. You are the same today as You were yesterday. Thank you for Your steadfastness and Your goodness.

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  1. Just entered your giveaway and started following! Found you from Friday Letters link up!! Your weekend sounds so perfect and fun!

  2. So glad I found you from Friday's Letters! Hope those pictures go well :)

  3. LOVE those pumpkins! Have a great weekend!

  4. You blog is so pretty! :)!

    Have fun taking pictures and good luck!

    Love having everything organized, so refreshing!

    God is so Good! xoxo

  5. Hi from Fridays Letters(:

    What great letters this week! Have fun with your husband tonight! The spot where he proposed? That sounds so romantic <3

    Have a nice Weekend!

    xox, Heather

  6. Painting pumpkins?! I haven't done that since grade school.... Some of my friends are hosting a pumpkin carving contest tonight. Maybe I'll pull a switheroo and bring paint instead!

    Happy Weekend!



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