Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Letters

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{the pomegranate I cut into this morning}

Dear Pomegranates, thank you for finally being available at my local grocery store. I have only been waiting approximately 8 months, 2 hours, and 7 minutes for you to be in season. Dear Mr., I just have to say, I'm your biggest fan. Even the Ump at your 9:00 softball game last night confirmed it when he called me {and another wife} dedicated fans. We were the only ones crazy brave enough to endure the cold and windy weather. Dear Bree, we {as in the Fur Baby and I} miss seeing you every day. Maybe we can sit down with the Dean of Nursing and let them know your schedule needs to allow for a one hour a day visit to see us. Dear Fur Baby, do you agree? Stop licking yourself on my couch. Dear Weekend, you call for a lot of girl time since the Mr. will be at a Men's Conference. I foresee lots of yummy, warm beverages, nail polish, baking, Target, and girl talk. Dear God, your favor is my great reward. I am constantly marveling at the blessings that fall from Your hand. From the cashier at Kwik Trip who told me my drink was "on her", to the customer service representative that waived my shipping cost to and from the company. I know these simple gifts are from you and they sure make me smile.



  1. Also stopping by from the link-up, and firstly I have to say that I LOVE your blog design. My husband is also gone this weekend I think my plans are going to look a lot like yours. Hope you have a wonderful Friday =)

  2. Dear Brittany, Thanks for being such an awesome blogger!!! Love reading your posts everyday. Also, how the heck do you cook/eat a Pomegranate? I want to buy one but have zero idea what to do with it! Have a lovely weekend and do hope it's full of lots of girl time.

  3. I just found you by linking up..... Normally I don't get a chance to look through other blogs. I guess God knew better today:) It's always nice to find another youth pastor's wife to relate to! Enjoy your weekend! Nice to meet you.... Well sort of:)

  4. Hi! LOVE your blog design, so cool and clean :) And great letters too! :)


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