Monday, October 1, 2012

Julep Maven Bombshell

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This weekend I read a post from Wifessionals about Julep Maven. She let her readers in on a pretty sweet deal that is going on right.this.very second. I wanted you all to share in the fun too so I'm passing the info along.

Julep Maven is a box full of goodies you can receive monthly, very similar to Birchbox {which my sister is a h-u-g-e fan of}. 

Well, right now Julep Maven is offering a deal too good to pass up! If you sign up {FREE} and take their short style quiz they will name your style and give you 2 nail polishes as well as 1 bottle of pedicure lotion! Guess what you have to pay? 

.01 as in 1 penny. FREE SHIPPING and 1 penny and you can be the happiest little deal queen. 

You better believe I hopped right on that. 

I took the style quiz and my style is Bombshell. Oooo la la. However, I loved the polish colors for style Boho Glam so that's what I selected. 1 penny later and that box is on its way to my house! 


If you want to get in on this deal go HERE and use promo code COLOR2012. 

Come back and tell me what style profile you were named and what pretty new polish colors are headed your way!

Happy polishing!

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