Thursday, November 1, 2012

Confessions {the Fur Baby edition}

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I think it's time you got to know our little bundle of joy a little better. Until we start a {human} family he is the center of our world.

If the Fur Baby could talk in a human language he would tell you this:

He loves venison. It's puppy crack to him.

He bites the vacuum. It never fails. Every single time it's out.

He has a dog puzzle and he's really great at it!

He loves buh bye rides in the car.

He chases squirrels.

He cries at birds.

He is a terrible walker.

He kills flies.

He loves his frisbee.

He plays hide and seek with us.  

He hates the camera. Loathes it. Despises it. Runs when he sees it. 
{That is why I don't have a darling picture of him in this post all about him.}

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  1. Man I so want a fur baby bad but with three human ones, I'm afraid they might not treat the puppy right. Gotta do lots of research! Your puppy sounds like a lot of fun. Too bad he doesn't like pictures!

  2. A dog puzzle? Does your pup find interest in it? I saw some at the pet store the other day, but was hesitant. With winter approaching I was looking for ideas to keep my pups entertained while snowed inside.


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