Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The 2013 Planner Conundrum

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I need your help. 

Here's my dilemma. It's time to think about a 2013 planner since, well, it's just about 2013. I've been pondering for months now on which one to get. 

There are three I am trying to pick from, but I just can't seem to do it.  
Will you help me sort this list of pros and cons out and just decide for me? That would be great! 

Alright here we go...

May Books

Here's what I think I'll love: So many patterns to choose from and a monogram option. Love the monogram option. It will fit in my purse easily; looks light weight. All around fun!

Here's what I'm not sure about: It appears that these don't open completely flat, might be difficult to write in? 

Second up, Emily Ley

Here's what I think I'll love: The details. Gold cornered edges, simple, sleek, and classy design. It's a grown up planner. Very serious. It also comes in my favorite color. That's a bonus. It also opens flat, making it easier to write.

Here's what I'm not sure about: The size. It looks a bit on the larger size. Maybe this is meant to be a stay-at-home-planner? The price tag. This gorgeous planner boasts a not so gorgeous price.  

Lastly, we have Erin Condren

Good 'ole Erin. My current planner. We've been BFF's all year long. This planner has it all. 

Here's what I know I love: So many extra features. Dozens of blank note pages, weekly and monthly calendar, the dates separated by "morning", "day", and "evening" blocks. It's spiral so it opens completely flat. Stickers! Awesome customer service.

Here's what I know I don't like: It's heavy. For the last few months I've not been able to carry it with me simply because it's too big, hard to fit in my purse, and seriously a brick. The tabs got completely destroyed in my purse, but this year they have solved that problem by laminating them. 

See what I mean? It's hard to choose from three great planners. They all offer something specifically unique and special. 

Your turn. 
Tell me which one to get. 

Pretty please.

{All images taken from their respective websites.}


  1. I do the Lilly Pulitzer planner! I love the hardcover and it's pretty light. Plus who can argue with the cute stickers?! xo C

  2. Okay I am so glad you posted this...I have been having the same dilemma! I LOVE my EC planner so much, but wish they made one in a purse-friendly size! I have also considered the Lilly planners, but haven't been able to find any that run calendar year (as opposed to academic year - a personal peeve of mine). Do these exist?
    Decisions, decisions!

  3. I love planners!! I have never heard of the EC brand I'll check it out. It is a MUST for me that my planner can fit in my purse if need be!

  4. I love the Erin Condren ones. They're all adorable though! I bought my 2013 planner from Joni and Friends. I love that buying it goes to support a good cause. It's wire-bound so it lays perfectly flat. It's a bit big to fit in a purse but I seldom need to use mine on the go so it works perfectly for my lifestyle. :)

    You can see Joni's planner here -

  5. I bought a May books's perfect to carry around. I haven't tried writing in it yet but I think once you start using it, it'll lie flatter. Plus they were a great price! I love how mine turned out!

  6. I'm in love with Erin Condren's planners...from afar. I'm too cheap to buy any of them! Ha. But whatever you chose, at least you'll be stylish bc they are all so adorable :)

  7. I love my EC planner, but like you, think its a little to heavy and bulky. I have been considering May Books for some other things (meal planner/blog idea journal). I had never heard of Emily Ley's planner before, and while I love the sleek look, its looks to big and plain for me. I will probably just get an EC planner again unless I can find something else.

  8. I wouldn't go with the heavy one. I say, if you find one you like that's a bit pricey, just divide that price by 365 and see how much you're actually spending per day. I bet it's not that much.


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