Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tree Farm Adventures of 2012

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This past weekend we embarked on a journey as a family. The objective: to create a memory, oh, and chop down a Christmas tree. 

Growing up as a kid I have always, always, always had an artificial Christmas tree. Let me repeat that. I have never in my whole life had a real Christmas tree!

This past weekend that was about to change, kind of. We were getting the tree as a family, but setting it up at my Mom's house. {The Mr. and I already have our beautiful, artificial tree up.}

My Mom found the most picture perfect Christmas Tree Farm; straight out of the movies. It was complete with horse drawn wagon rides and complimentary apple cider, coffee, and cookies. Did I mention how kind the owner and his employees are? The sweetest.  

My 80 year old Grandpa joined us in the fun. He was there to cross "chop down a Christmas tree" off his bucket list. He's the coolest guy around!
Here's our day in pictures:
 {keeping warm by the fire}

{the pretty gals taking us out to the Christmas trees}

 {the gang from left to right: Matthew {my Mom's sweet guy}, my Mom, Me, my Grandpa, Bree}

{headed down the trail}

 {trees, trees, and more trees}

 {my sweet Mr. and I}


 {we found the winner}

{my handsome Christmas Tree hauler}

I'm just a little anxious to head back to the same Christmas Tree Farm next year to make some more memories!


  1. Love going and cutting down trees! I always had an artificial one too, and since I've been married, we've gotten real ones, since the hubs refuses an artificial! So much fun!!

  2. Aw, looks like a wonderful time!! I always had an artificial tree growing up too, and the past few years my parents ended up getting a real tree for their house. Well, I'm surprised, but it doesn't smell like a fresh tree. Ever! I wonder why that is??



  3. What fun...those horses are so pretty.

  4. I've always had artificial trees but someday ill get a real one. looks like y'all had fun. xx


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