Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Letters

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{I found this on the Mr.'s phone. Apparently he snapped a picture of me at the Christmas tree farm without me knowing.}

Dear Followers, yes you, and you and you and you, every single one of you. I am blessed to have each of you following this blog of mine. You are the sweetest readers a gal could ask for. I am thankful for you! Oh, and just a heads up, I have some pretty great things in store for you all! Dear Mr., we were Christmas cookie baking machines this week. We cranked out several dozen cut outs for tomorrow's decorating party. Can't wait. Dear Christmas Shopping, I pretty much have you under control, just a few odds and ends that need to be ordered. I love getting you done early so we can enjoy the presents wrapped and under the tree. Dear Fur Baby, you are one of the odds and ends mentioned above. What do you want for Christmas? If you could tell me with your words that would be oh so wonderful! Dear God, this time of year is full of hustle and bustle. We're busy buying gifts for the ones we love, baking goodies, attending parties, and looking forward to spending quality time with family. I don't want a day to pass that I forget the true meaning of Christmas; Jesus. Your son's birth is the most important day, it marks the beginning of the greatest love story ever told.



  1. That picture of you is just gorgeous, girl :) happy Friday!

  2. The fur baby question is always a great one! I have a fur baby, of the cat specimen, and the last 3 years he's had more fun with the wrapping paper then the gift. I think I may go that route again ;) You look beautiful in that picture from the tree farm! Enjoy this rainy Wisconsin weekend :)

  3. Always nice to see a reminder about the true focus of Christmas :-)

    Ashley Flores

  4. Loove the last letter!
    And have fun at the party! That's a really cute idea for a holiday theme! :)
    Happy weekend!

  5. What a sweet picture that he snapped! Sooo cute :)

  6. I love that picture of you!!! Beautiful:)
    Okay...dying to know what cookies you made?! We're saving all our baking for when we go to my parents's house in a week and a half! Can. not. wait! If I make the cookies here I end up eating them all by myself...not good haha!
    Have a great weekend friend:)

  7. I don't quite have my Christmas shopping under control. I'm hoping to finish tomorrow!


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