Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gift Giving Guide {for the Fur Baby}

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I'm sitting here eating Christmas cookies, thinking about what to get our sweet Fur Baby for Christmas while watching the snow fall outside. It's a great day!

I decided I would do one final gift giving guide, this time for the Fur Babies in your life. It's a compilation {I love that word} of our Fur Baby's favorite things as well as a couple items I think he would love! 

If you want to check out my previous gift giving guides here you go...

1//Gulpy Gulpy Portable Water Dispenser {this goes with us on almost every hiking adventure}
2//Favorite Sports Team Leash {Fur Baby is a dedicated Packers fan}
3//West Paw Design Zisc {Fur Baby's #1 toy pick, also guaranteed against dog damage}
4//Paragon Hedgehog Dental Chew {Fur Baby goes crazy for these}
5//Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog Fighter Puzzle {Fur Baby has mastered this}
6//Rover Dog Bow Tie Collar {Fur Baby wants this, he just doesn't know it yet}
7//Pal Dog Organic Calming Lavender Shampoo {Favorite shampoo for bath time}
8//Apple Cheddar Dog Biscuit Recipe {homemade treats are the best}

Remember to come back tomorrow for the Holiday Christmas Cookie Link Up!


  1. my husband would have a hay day if i got her a packer leash...maybe i could secretly hide it and bring it out when i take her for walks. :)

  2. that bow-tie collar is presh! If I had a boy fur-kid, I would definitely buy that!

  3. I love these!! Love buying my little pup presents :) Totally going to try to the homemade treats!


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