Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gift Giving Guide {for the Guys}

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Today I bring you a gift giving guide for the gentleman, whether it be for a Husband, Father, Boyfriend, or Brother. 
I asked the Mr. to help me with this one and I'd say he did a pretty great job. 
The Packer beanie in particular is on his Christmas list this year. Some of the other items are staples in his life that he l-o-v-e, loves. 


  1. Great ideas! Mg husband is into a couple things that are for sure gift ideas- red skins football and crossfit but for the other men in my life, I swear they are the most difficult to shop for! My dad at the top of the list! So, thank you for the good ideas!

  2. i bought my hubs that iphone case for his birthday and he loved it!

  3. Those are cute ideas. Thanks to Amazon you can find a t-shirt or beanie for almost every sports team out there. Makes it a lot easier to shop for the sports fan in your life.

  4. Wild at Heart is an excellent gift to give. And you can never go wrong with Settlers of Catan.

  5. I wish that J was that easy to buy for! He literallly is a gift dud and doesn't like anything on that list :( christmas/birthday shopping is sooo hard for him!


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