Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa Hat Party Mix {in a jar}

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Last year the Mr. and I made these as party favors for a Christmas party we hosted. We also dropped some off to friends and family as little Christmas gifts. 

We enjoyed working on this recipe together while periodically taking breaks to dance to our "Michael Buble Holiday Radio Station" on Pandora. 

We are hosting another Christmas party this year and our plan is to make these again for the guests.
Maybe we'll even have a repeat dance session!

Santa Hat Party Mix

For the Santa Hats
Sweet and Salty Caramel Bugles 
 Red Melting disks {found at Hobby Lobby}
Mini Marshmallows
White Nonpareils

For the Party Mix
{get creative and add ingredients you enjoy}
3 cups Mini Pretzels
1 cup Salted Dry Roasted Peanuts
2 cups Rice Chex
2 cups Holiday M&M's
8 ounces White Chocolate {for melting}

Melt the red melting disks, along with a tablespoon of shortening {this helps thin the melted disks}, in 30 second intervals on 50% power in the microwave until melted. Immediately start dipping the Bugles, using a fork to scoop it out and gently shake off the excess. Let the coated Bugles set for 10 minutes on parchment or wax paper.

After the Bugles are set, re-melt the red candy {if necessary} and re-dip just the bottoms {the largest part} of the Bugle into the white nonpareils. Next, re-dip the tip of the Bugle into the melted candy and top with a mini marshmallow. Set the Santa hats aside. 

Combine party mix ingredients in a large bowl and give it a good stir. Spread onto a lined baking sheet. 

Melt white chocolate according to package directions and drizzle over the party mix evenly. Transfer to the large bowl you used in the beginning and stir until mix is coated with chocolate. Transfer the party mix back to the lined baking sheet and let dry. 
When chocolate is set add the finished Santa hats into the party mix.

 Fill wide mouth Mason jars with the Santa Hat Party Mix or bring the mix in a festive bowl to a Christmas gathering. Either way, it's sure to be a crowd pleaser! 


{recipe adapted from Cookies and Cups}


  1. Looks so good! This is perfect to make as gifts! :)


  2. Isn't this stuff the cutest? I took a HUGE bowl of it to work with me last year the girls went crazy over it & then they all had to make it too! Looking forward to doing that again this year!

  3. Yum!!! I love cutely packages and yummy treats :)

  4. I have been wanting to make this! I need to find the right occasion. P.S. I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award today on my blog!


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