Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day!

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Today has been declared a snow day. The Mr., Fur Baby, and I are in for the day while Blizzard Brianna gears up to hit the state of Wisconsin. 

Our agenda for the day includes baking molasses cookies, watching Christmas movies, making a batch of my mother in loves chili, and just relaxing while spending time together as a family. 

I love snow days.

If you're in Wisconsin, stay safe and enjoy the snow!

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  1. You are so lucky! I haven't seen an OUNCE of snow yet this winter here in Ohio! :(

  2. Snow days are my fave too! Having one here in Nebraska :)

  3. Such a pretty photo. I keep hoping for a snowstorm here before Christmas so we can have a white Christmas. We had a freak early November snowstorm and that has been it!

  4. So pretty! I am a little jealous of all the white stuff! I am slightly dreading heading to FL tomorrow night where the Christmas Day forecast in my hometown is a high of 80. Yuck!

  5. So pretty! I'm in SC, so we don't get to take pictures like this!

  6. I LOVE snow days! Wish we would get more snow here in VA. Have fun with your family today! :)

  7. I'm in Wisconsin and have a snow day too! Enjoy your Christmas traditions and time with family!


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