Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Must Haves

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Living in Wisconsin means we are blessed with exceptionally dry and cold winters. {I hope you sense my sarcasm.} As much as I love snow, I could really do without the bone chilling weather that brings cracking skin, static hair, chapped lips, etc. 

Since I can't change our climate I have learned to have some crucial products on hand. The products you see are items I use on a daily basis to get me through the winters here. I thought I'd share them with you today. Maybe you're looking for the perfect lip balm or a lotion that actually works? I've got you covered! 

2//Aveda Travel Size Hand Relief {kept in my purse}
4//Shea Moisture Organic Baby Healing Lotion {used on body and hands}
7//Tupperware Eco Friendly Water Bottle {it's the only way I stay remotely hydrated}
8//Arbonne ABC Baby Lotion {used on face, for sensitive skin}

I'd love to hear what products are on your must have list this winter! 

{P.S. I'm honored to be featured on The Vanilla Tulip today!}


  1. I love the Aveda "Relief" products! My hands crack if the temp even drops below 50 {and I'm in the South!} so these absolutely work wonders.
    I'd really like to try the Dr. Bronner's lip balm, too - I'm all about organic and natural :)

  2. I heart Bobbi Brown anything :))

  3. I used to work for an Aveda salon, and I am now a hand and foot relief diehard! I'm going to have to try Dr. Bronner's too! You'd be a good person to you have an ideas for super-moisturizing face lotion with spf? Often, I don't worry because my makeup has spf, but sometimes I want to go barefaced to the park or out running errands...and I'm having a hard time finding a heavier winter moisturizer with sunscreen. If you have anything you've tried, I've love to hear it! Thanks :)

  4. glad to be your 300th follower! here via the ipad mini give away :)
    great picks! i actually use shea for myself quite a bit

  5. Hi Brittany! I'm gladly following along from the giveaway! :)


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