Friday, January 11, 2013

A Day For Crafting

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I love crafting. I'm a crafter at heart. I think it might be my love language {well not really}. But, there's something almost therapeutic about it. It's relaxing, creative {naturally}, and down right fun! 

One of my favorite parts about crafting is stepping back to admire something I've made. It brings a smile to my face.

I want to set aside a whole day and spend it crafting to my heart's desire.  Wouldn't that be wonderful? Better yet, I want to have all you craft lovers over and craft with you. We could sip on tea or cocoa and munch on something delicious while our laughter, chatter, and craft talk fills the air. It would be the best day.

Want to know what would be on our to-craft list if such a day existed? 

First up, these beautiful Gold Leaf Paper Mache Bowls

{source: Kelli Murray}

Then, maybe we could try our hand at Chalkboard Mugs

Could we make this Washer + Ribbon Necklace next? I've had the supplies for about 5 months. 

{source: Nestled}

We can finish off the day whipping up several pairs of Fabric Button Earrings

{source: Casa de Lewis}

So, when's our crafting date?



  1. I am there. Tell me when & where ;) that all looks amazing. I am a true craft loving girl at heart!

  2. ohhh! love these!!! i would love to craft our lives away together! :) i think it's totally my love language as well ;)

  3. That chalk cup is so neat! What a great idea

  4. I have those gold leaf bowls pinned to try out one day. They are so lovely!
    I love crafting too, I wish I could have more time for it. A crafting party sounds so much fun!

  5. Oh seriously... I think you're right on when you say that it's a love language haha!
    And I wish we lived closer to have a craft day! Could you imagine how fantastic it would be !?? :)
    Happy weekend friend!

  6. That sounds like such an awesome day! I made a washer and ribbon necklace years ago at some college event...I didn't know it was a real thing!

  7. That day just sounds heavenly, got to plan one of these in the very near future! Love the gold leaf bowls!


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