Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A letter to the Mr. on his birthday...

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Dear Mr., 
It's your birthday! 
While I want to say Happy Birthday Sweet Pea, Sugar Lips, Baby Bear, or Twinkle Toes, I will refrain from using such embarrassing terms of endearment in this letter.

Babe {is that better?}, I couldn't begin this letter without a thank you, or an acknowledgement of my gratitude for the man you are. I am blessed beyond riches to call you mine, my husband. You are truly my better half, the one I look to for advice, the one who's love I would never doubt or question. You are, simply put, a stand up guy. Honestly, I didn't think it was possible for a man like you to exist. You are incredibly loyal, honest, compassionate, selfless, selfless, selfless, did I mention how selfless you are? You are a servant at heart, a gentle man, loving, patient, tender, and most importantly to me, you lead our family by the Word of God and His standards.  
You are my perfect. 

My hope for you is that this birthday, your 27th {wow, where did the time go?} will be the best one to date. That this year will hold many blessings for you both physically and spiritually. I know we talk about how quickly time seems to be passing, but look at all the life we have yet to live together. What we have created together, our family, our home, our story is beautiful to me. I am eager to watch the rest of our chapters unfold, knowing the best is yet to come.

My prayer for you is that God would continue to mold you into the man he desires you to be. That you would continue to follow Him with all your heart all the days of your life. That you would continue to lead our family as a strong man of God. That you would continue to find fulfillment in your places of employment. That you would continue to know your Father's love for you, your family's love for you, and my love for you. Don't forget about the Fur Baby. He loves his Daddy something fierce. My prayer is that God would also make you a real Daddy in His perfect time.

Babe, no matter what else this life has in store for us I hope you know how deep my love runs for you. I hope you understand the depths of His love for you. I hope you know I am wild about you. Celebrating your birthday today {and every year} brings me so much joy! 

Happy Birthday! Now let's go celebrate!

3 squeezes, 


  1. Hey there fellow co-host!!! Such a sweet post, and a sweet blog! Happy birthday to your Mr!


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