Friday, January 4, 2013

High Five for Friday!

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This week has been good. It's been a time of reflecting, which I'm thankful for.
 Today I'm counting my blessings, High Five for Friday style. 

1//Circa 2004. I'm thankful I found this photo of the Mr. and I, snapped the summer of 2004. The summer we met. The summer the Mr. told his buddies, "I'm going to marry that girl" the very first time he saw me. 

2//Christmas socks. We had a Christmas celebration with some wonderful friends on Tuesday. Complete with quite possibly my favorite feast; Belgian waffles {with strawberry sauce and whip}, bacon, and hot apple cider. Their company was just as sweet. 

 3//Me + hot curlers for the first time. I'm no beauty expert, clearly, because I had a hard time getting these buggers to stay put. The end result was less than impressive as well. I'll have to take another lesson on YouTube to try and perfect my skills. 

4//Sharing my heart with you yesterday. I'm thankful for all the wonderfully sweet and encouraging comments. 

5//The Fur Baby. Such a sweet little face.



  1. Nice Christmas socks! ;) Cute blog!!

  2. Love your Christmas socks.


  3. Such a cute picture of you guys. I love finding pictures of us dating! :) How's pastor wife life going? I just made that up :) Always love to connect with others in the same place as me!! :)

  4. I can not get hot curlers to work either! It always ends bad...cute socks!

  5. Christmas socks are my favorite.
    and that picture of you and your man is precious! Sweet memories! :)

  6. Hi! I am popping over from the Wii giveaway, I'm one of the other sponsors. Just checking out everyone's awesome blogs, and making sure I'm following everyone (a few I was already). :) So, consider yourself followed.

    Have a great day!

    Gayle @


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