Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meet Laura {Showcase Sponsor}

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Today I want you to meet my sweet and drop dead gorgeous {I mean seriously, she is one hot mama!} Showcase Sponsor! Please stop by her blog and give her some love, you won't regret it! 
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Hi there!
I'm Laura. A wife, mama, fitness addict, wannabe fashionista and blogger on all the little things that make my world spin round. I am so excited to be here today. One of my most favorite things about This Beautiful Life is that this space really is just that- Beautiful. It is always uplifting, fresh, sincere and I so appreciate coming here day after day.  It's an instant smile on my face! Instead of going on and on about me and where I blog I wanted to share with you my top three tricks to kicking the winter blues. Sometimes a little summer pick me up in the dead of Winter is just what the doctor ordered.
1. Fruit Water. This is a must in my house during the summer months, but you know what? It's amazing how it makes you feel during the cold Winter months too! It kind of tricks your mind into thinking you're someplace warm.. at least it does mine when I'm looking at -20 below. yikes! But seriously, this is the easiest pick-me up in the book. Add fresh or frozen fruits and lime wedges to ice cold water. Delish!
2. Pull out one of your Summer 'pop's of color' pieces and pair it with your winter attire. I wore this neon skirt around with leggings for the day and I'm quite certain I had a little extra pep in my step that day!
3. Manicured toenails! During the days of open toed heels and flip flops one key essential is having nice toenails, right? Right now it's all about boots, boots and more boots. But, do you know how nice it is to take those boots off and see a nice coat of nail polish resting on your toenails? It makes you smile. Really, it does!
Currently I live in Alaska where it's Winter for the majority of the year.. as in, from October to April- snow and negative numbers. (Sunday I woke up to -25!) so anytime I can add little hints of my Summer routine to these cold Winter days- I do it! 

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