Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shedding Fifty

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I was inspired via a tweet last month about a blogger {I wish I could remember who} that decided to get rid of 100 things in her home that she either wasn't using, didn't need, could donate, or simply throw away. 

I immediately fell in love with this idea. Brilliant. Genius. Couldn't we all stand to live with less in this want, want want, need, need, need society we live in? I can just imagine the freedom that shedding stuff would bring. Oh, the liberation. I can't even wait. 

Now, let's rewind. If you came over to our house today you would find it well organized, simply decorated, clutter-less, and clean. That's just how we live. So, you would probably sit me down and tell me there's no way I could come up with 100 things to get rid of. You might be right, you probably are. That's why I'm going to start with shedding 50 {still a lot} and see where it takes me. I'm not sure if I'll find 50 things in one day or if I will find them in the course of a few weeks.
So, wish me luck. I'm headed to every nook and cranny, every cupboard, every closet, the basement, and even the garage to find things we're just not using. I can't wait to give you an update and show you all 50 items I'm shedding.

If you want to join me in shedding I'd love to follow along! Maybe you want to shed 100 items, or maybe 50 is more comfortable for you. Maybe you can only imagine finding 10 things in your home to get rid of. The number or amount of things is not key here. What I'm focusing on is shedding. Finding those items that I simply don't need, want, or use. I hope you'll share your shedding journey with me!



  1. I think this is a great idea - we all have more "stuff" than we need. I'm going to start doing this too - I bet I can get rid of 50 things pretty easily (and I hate clutter already).


  2. Love it! This is similar to my monthly challenge of getting rid of something every day this month and let me tell you, it feels great!

  3. This is a great idea and one I need to incorporate in my life.

  4. Love the idea! Maybe it's because of moving so often in the last 10 years and/or living in small spaces, but I haaaate having lots of extra stuff. I'm getting excited just thinking about things I can get rid of ;).

  5. what a GENIUS idea! I did this moving into our new home...I gave a few things away, sold quite a bit, threw some really makes ya feel a lot better! lol

  6. Decluttering is always such a good experience! I like not having much stuff in the house....maybe I'll have to do this too!

  7. I think this is a wonderful idea!! My life isn't really at a point where I can go through my apartment and find 50 or 100 things to give away (because I don't really have my own place right now, I live with my sisters, and my stuff is stored in 3 different locations right now waiting to be moved to my own place, not that you needed/wanted an explanation haha), but when I am at that point, I'd love to give it a try and I will be so excited to see how the project works for you!


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