Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy Bee

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If I could use just one word to describe my life lately I would quickly settle on the word busy. 
I understand everyone is busy. That's how the story goes. Life is busy. Everyone's busy. This is not me complaining that my life is busy. This is me recognizing. Admitting. Our weeks have been so full that our days and evenings are spent somewhere, doing something. Not home, where I want to be. Not being still. Not baking in my kitchen. Not keeping up with laundry. Not spending quality time with my husband. 

For the most part I enjoy having something to do or somewhere to be. I enjoy being social, spending time with family, attending events, etc. This is fine and dandy, except I'm allowing these things to consume me. I'm too busy to get the important things done like quiet time or just being still. My days have been full of me rushing around to get things done.

I'm admitting that this girl needs to start saying no. No to filling up our schedules to the max. No to that extra errand that could truly wait. No to wasting my time. No. No and no. I'm willing to say no to that Target trip. I'm ready to unplug occasionally from the social media that begs for my attention all the live long day. No.

I'm ready to schedule in some quiet time if that's what it takes and a few dates {sans iPhones} with my sweet man. Unfortunately my Jesus and my Mr. get the short end of the stick while I'm too busy trying to please everyone else in my life. Not cool.

So here's my plan of action and my plea for help. 
1//keep me accountable, that's what friends are for. 
2//plan a date for the Mr. and leave my phone at home.
3//have a no technology Saturday. No phones, laptop, iPad, or television. 
4//schedule in quiet time like I schedule coffee dates with my lady friends.
5//have me time at least once a week. Read a book, craft, bake a treat, or be still.
6//schedule a massage

 Any other suggestions? I'm all ears!
Life will go on. That's what I need to realize. If something doesn't get accomplished today. Guess what self? Tomorrow is a new day. A fresh start. 24 more hours to try and get it done.


  1. Oh friend, I hear you! I think those are all really great ideas! Our thing was deciding on boundaries and sticking to them... especially with ministry that wasn't specifically youth ministry. What that meant for us was figuring out how much was a good balance and what things we really needed to say no to in order to get in much needed time with each other and the Lord. During the day, we have started taking walks at lunch, without our phones. In the morning, we both try to be up at least an hour before work to spend time reading and praying. It doesn't always happen, but it was a good start for us! Would love to help in any way that I can as far as keeping each other accountable! You can email me anytime at :)

  2. i love the scheduling quiet time. i've been meaning to schedule a coffee date once a week with my hubs, but forget! :\ i also love your idea of leaving your phone at home. great ideas brittany!

  3. I truly can relate to this post in every single way! I love that you are trying to stop and just be. I feel as though I get so caught up in the moment that I have no clue where time has gone! I certainly be your accountability partner through it all. Thanks for using this post in such a positive way!

  4. yay for no technology days!! :) those end up being the BEST!

  5. I identify so much with this post from you, Brittany -- and, like the other girls, I think all your ideas are fabulous ones!

    Lately, I've been trying to keep my phone off when I'm spending time with Maile throughout the day (except for to snap the occasional picture, which I just can't resist). I'm always surprised at how good I feel on the days I accomplish that goal. Or the days when I just say no to technology / blogging / errands to commune with my little family, and our Lord.

    Great post!

  6. I understand completely! I feel the same way. Life seems to pass by quickly as I rush from one thing to the next. You can keep me accountable, too as I'm working on the same things!

  7. I wish I can give you some advice but I cannot seem to find the time for me either. I have come to the point where i am just so busy that even blogging seems like a chore for me...and it should be a passion or hobby! Please, when you find an answer let me know :)


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