Friday, February 15, 2013

My Style {Bedroom Edition}

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{In order to highlight the headboard the Mr. made per my request I decided against our bedding and decorative pillows for this photo.
A big thanks to my Mr. for the countless hours he put into creating this rustic barnwood headboard as well as our whitewashed nightstands.}
It's amazing how my own personal style has changed over the course of our married life. When we were first married and living in Tulsa, Oklahoma we frequented Pier 1 Imports on a weekly basis. I admit 99% of our decor came from there. Our home was full of splashes of color and style according to a 20 year old newlywed. We even had a bright red couch, something I'd always wanted. Looking back I would have saved myself the $1,000 since that couch didn't last us long. {That's what living and learning is all about though.}

Fast forward almost seven years and I find myself drawn to less abrupt colors and more neutral tones. I live for the simplistic style; less is more approach. I find that when I do incorporate color I'm drawn to the softer hues and mixing of textures. Texture, texture, texture. I love the depth it brings. Take our bedroom for example, it's pretty much my style in a nut shell right now, neutral and full of texture; wood headboard and nightstands, satin curtains, metal letters, and fabric lampshades. Layers of texture, man. It's my favorite.

One thing I love about style is that it's unique to the individual which means there are no rules. You are allowed to like whatever trends, styles, patterns, colors, etc. that you wish. It's a reflection of you and only you. 

What's your style like? Bold colors? Lots of prints on the wall? Less is more?


  1. I love your style!! I love how clean and crisp everything looks with the neutral tones and light. Thanks for sharing--hope you had a great V-Day :)

  2. I LOVE your bedroom! The window is in such a great place, letting all that light in, so pretty! I feel like my style has changed a ton since we first got married too.. The only thing is.. I keep changing my mind so I can't decide on something haha. We also are renting a house right now since we are doing ministry in a different town than the house we own so it's been hard to decorate like I would want! Love your homemade headboard!

  3. sweet and simple! Love it :)
    xo Alea

  4. that's funny! i have found that my style has changed over time as well. i've always been drawn to the neutral (which is why i LOVE your bedroom!)... but have been breaking old habits and leaning towards brighter/focal colors and shapes for our home!

    P.S. your headboard is amazing.

  5. I love the headboard and the letters on your nightstand! I feel like I have a very minimalist style. Less is more. More simple, neutral colors. Although I did just paint a chevron wall in my entryway... But it's grey and white so it's pretty calm. :)

  6. This is fantastic! Great job, Mr!

    I definitely have more of a traditional style, with a hint of whimsy. I'm drawn to earthy tones and rich textures. Not necessarily whats trendy right now, but as you say -- home design should be representative of us! :)

    Just love your room. Can't wait to see more.

  7. I'm a neutral girl... sometimes afraid of color.
    Neutral and antique. my style in a nutshell.

    I'm digging your style.


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