Friday, February 8, 2013

Nightly Round Up

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The word round up might cause you to immediately think of cowboys or western motiff, but quickly remove those thoughts from your mind. This has nothing to do with any of that. 

Nightly round up is something that takes place in our home, every single evening. It's my secret to keeping our home organized, tidy, and clean. 

In this season of our life {read: pre-babies} it's just the Mr. and I along with our handsome fur baby. Please keep this in mind as you read this post. While I would like to maintain this nightly ritual once we fill our home with offspring I'm sure there will be many a nights where nightly round up will go straight out the window. 

Are you curious yet as to what this nightly round up is all about?
When the Mr. and I first got married we discovered pretty quickly that each of us really enjoy an organized home; one that's most often kept tidy. We implemented a tool to help both of us acheive that.

Enter nightly round up.
It's a term we came up with. Those three words are spoken by either the Mr. or I each evening, right about the time one of us starts yawning after an evening snuggle on the couch. The Mr. or I will groggily call nightly round up. And then....we each buzz around the house making sure that each item goes back to its home.

Blankets folded in basket. Check. 
Dozens of puppy toys put away. Check
Laptop away. Check. 
Last few dishes loaded in dishwasher. Check. 
Miscellaneous items put away. Check.
Double check that doors are locked. Check.
Thermostat set at bedtime temperature. Check.
Couch pillows fluffed. Check. {No, we're not OCD, but our darling love of a dog enjoys pushing down all the couch pillows so they are lying flat. Then he proceeds to lay on top of each of them, only after he has circled them 25 times. Who's OCD now?}

It might sound rediculous to some, but this is truly our secret. This is how we keep a spotless home. It's an easy solution that takes about 5 minutes at the end of every evening. And let me tell you, waking up to a picked up home every morning is one of the best feelings.

Now that we've been married for almost 7 years {that blows my mind} we've made nightly round up somewhat of a game. We usually pick up together, but if one of us is feeling extra sleepy or just plain lazy we'll run upstairs and shout down, "not it" and the other person has nightly round up duty. Fortunately neither of us has abused the privilege of ditching on round up. If anyone is more guilty of this it's me.

Aside from nightly round up we do have another secret. Making the bed. Every day. No matter what. This is something I despised growing up, but as an adult I can appreciate a made bed. Guess what? For those of you who claim to have no time to make your bed. Well it takes 2 minutes. I actually timed myself. If your significant other helps you make it then you knock that time down to 60 seconds. No more excuses. Plus, who doesn't love tossing all the decorative pillow aside, pulling the covers back and crawling into a pretty bed? I do. 

There's all our dirty secrets. 
Do you think we're just lunatics for keeping our home so clean?


  1. I aspire to this! I have begun a somewhat similar ritual, though my 'fur baby' is an actual baby so I can't say it all gets done or done every day...but I can say that it is good to have a goal :) such an awesome feeling coming out to a clean house - much love xox

  2. loving your blog! miss Katie from Standpipe & Sprinkles sent me on over!!! year for blog-friends!! you'll have to come visit me too!!! XO <3

    {:: ::}

  3. That's a wonderful idea!!!! Thanks for sharing! And I love a nicely made bed at night! So cozy and snuggly!

  4. That's what I do! It totally calms me down the next day to have a clean house! Now, we just need to teach our furbabes to pick up their own toys, right? :))

  5. We're clean, too! I can't function with disorder and a mess. I don't like getting in bed at night if I don't have to pull down the covers.

  6. well isn't this just nifty. I never thought of doing it every night. but I do agree about that bed making. it makes the room look so much better.


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