Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

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{Newest little project I made for my sister, Bree. It's sitting on my ladder shelf until I see her. I'll miss it when it's gone!}

Dear Mr., you are too good to me! You insist that I take extra good care of myself. So, with your advice {along with the Chiropractor's} I have a one hour massage today. I can hardly wait. Thanks Babe! Dear Readers, do your self a HUGE favor and go watch this hilarious video on YouTube. I watched it yesterday, and since then have watched it three more times. My mom was practically rolling around laughing hysterically while she watched it and my Dad said he was, and I quote, "laughing uncontrollably". Go watch it and then come back and tell me how hard you laughed! Dear Bloglovin Followers, I am blown away by how many of you have started following in just the last day due to my announcement on Wednesday evening. So glad to have you following! Dear Self, when you get your self out of the way and decide to have a better attitude it's amazing what can come of it! Dear Semi Freshly Pierced Ears, you are finally starting to feel like you have healed, seven months later. This is exciting for many reasons, but mainly because you can wear adorable earrings! Time to stock up the collection with even more pretties. Dear Kaitlyn, our v-date on Tuesday was one of the major highlights of my week. I was talking to the Mr. about how wonderful it was and how incredible it is that you feel like a real life friend! Dear God, Thank you for directing the Mr. and I this week. I can not imagine making important decisions without your guidance. Thank you for continuing to lead us.


  1. I'm here from Ashley's. Love the letters. That video has been played here more than a few times. I can't decide if it's staged or not. My boys say no, but I'm more skeptical. Ha!

  2. I love reading your friday's letters every week!

  3. LOL! I just watched that video this morning! Wouldn't we all love to do that to a car salesman sometime ;)

  4. That video is so funny!! Poor guy, almost had a heart attack. I'm glad he was a good sport about it in the end.

  5. Enjoy your massage, lucky girl. :-)

  6. Love this post and that video is so funny. Lucky duck about the massage, you have a good husband! :)


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