Thursday, March 7, 2013


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Remember my post a couple weeks ago about Winter Retreat and about Processing? You'll want to go read those posts before continuing with this one. 

I have a big God story to tell you about. It all started at Winter Retreat. Our Saturday evening service was one of the most powerful services I have attended. If you're at all familiar with the presence of God, then you'll understand when I say how incredibly powerful it was.

During worship the Mr. brought up one of our adult mentors who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. The entire group of 43 of us all prayed fervently over her, believing whole heartedly for a miracle. It was so powerful watching young people pray scripture with authority. I'll never forget it! Immediately after we were through praying I knew there was a breakthrough. The young lady we were praying over said her excruciating headache immediately left her. That alone was an awesome testimony. 

The next morning a few of us shared some of our favorite aspects of our weekend together. The young lady said her favorite part was receiving her healing. We were so thrilled. We were also eagerly awaiting her upcoming doctor visit because we knew they wouldn't find the cancer there.

Fast forward to last night. As soon as the young lady came through the doors for youth group my husband and I ran up to her and said, "Well?". She replied, "It's gone!!!". You guys, the brain cancer is gone. Her doctor couldn't find a trace of it. He was so stumped he sent her out of town to another doctor so they could also take a look. The doctor told her it was a miracle. The cancer was gone and there wasn't sign of tissue damage. 

If you've never experienced God's healing power I am here to tell you it's real. Jesus himself said that we will do greater works than even He did and anything we ask in His name He will do it. {John 14:12-14}. Isn't that awesome?! 

I just want to encourage you that God is faithful and He loves us so much. He healed my friend and I'm so thankful to Him for using us to be a part of that. This testimony will change lives. I know it!


  1. What a beautiful story!!! I got chills reading and I'm so thankful for a God that heals! What a powerful testimony! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Powerful testimony! Praise God! Our God is a God who cares, delivers, breaks bondages, and HEALS. Thank you for sharing this testimony. :)

  3. Wow wow wow! I am amazed. HOW COOL?!!? :) yay!!

  4. God is SO AWESOME! This is such an amazing story! Such a powerful God we serve.


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