Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Letters

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Dear Essie, I have a thing for you. Thank you for making the prettiest polish around. Your spring collection rocks my socks off. I'm in love. Dear House Hunting, today is the day we find out if we part ways. You see, the Mr. and I bravely put an offer in on a home. If it all works out we won't need you. Then again, if it doesn't we'll be back to being bff's. Dear Mr. you are the most positive human being. You find the good in every situation and everyone. Thank you for reminding me that I need to do the same. Dear kitt + kaboodle, remember that one time last week I mentioned I was going to add new product to you? Life's busy, and well I didn't get to it. Actually, I did sit down with the camera ready to shoot product images, then the camera screen flashed battery exhausted. In other exciting news, we may be starting a new venture together...fingers crossed! Dear God, thank you for new mercies each and every day. The beauty I see in the sunrise you grace us with is that it's the start to a new day; a fresh beginning.



  1. I love Essie's spring collection too! So many great colors!

  2. I meant to get some Essie polish while I was in the states and I totally forgot! Boo! Maybe next year! Everyone says its amazing and I LOVE the colors!

    Good luck on the house hunt! Hope you found it!!!!

    Have a happy weekend, Dear Brittany!

  3. amen to their fantastic spring colors. I can't get enough, either.

  4. I really need to get on top of finding the time and patience to do my own manis. Then maybe I'll quit complaining about my nails all the time! ;)

  5. Oh how I love Essie too!! And Love your letter to God. I am So thankful for His mercies everyday too!


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