Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Redecorating Your Home on a Budget

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I truly enjoy decorating any space in my home. I enjoy it so much so that I find I am constantly wanting to redecorate so many spaces. This isn't because I don't already love what I have going on, but because I simply enjoy decorating. This is probably the reason I have painted my mom's bathroom three times in the last four years. Sorry mom. 

Yesterday as I was in between REM sleep and fully awake I was groggily thinking about sharing ways to redecorate a home, on a budget. So today that's just what I'm doing. I'm sharing some tips on how to redecorate for cheap! 


1//Decorate for each major holiday or season to make it feel like you have new decor.
 I decorate for Fall, Christmas, Winter, Spring/Easter, and Summer. I spread the decorations among many rooms to make each room feel new. The main rooms I target are the living room, dining/kitchen, and our half bath. These also happen to be rooms guests see when they come over.

2//Reuse decorations in different parts of your home to spice things up. 
There are quite a few pieces I have that get rotated between different rooms depending on the season I'm decorating for. Maybe for Fall I'll have a glass hurricane vase filled with fall gourds and acorns. Then for Christmas I'll fill it with red and silver ornaments for a totally different look. 

3//Purchase decorations when they are on sale. 
This tip might seem like a no brainier. However, too often I find items in my cart that are overpriced. If I wait a little while I know they will go on sale, it's just a matter of patience. Back onto the shelf they go. This doesn't apply to items I know I need. If it's simply a luxury item I think will look awesome in our home I will wait until I can score an awesome deal! OR, I will figure out if it's something I can DIY craft.

4//DIY craft.
 DIY crafts are splashed all over blogs and Pinterest. Use those resources. Crafting is one of my favorite hobbies. I could craft all day long if I had the time. One of my favorite DIY's I've seen lately are spray painted mason jars. You can also visit my projects page to get some ideas.

5//Use what you have. 
I think we would each be surprised by what we already have. For me personally I have a decor tub in the basement. It's full of items I don't have a place for, but still love. Every once in awhile when a creative wind blows at me I'll go visit the bin and see if there's anything in there I can use in a new way. A really cheap and easy way to use what you have is to change a few pictures in frames around your house to give them a different feel.

6//Print, print, print. 
There are tons of free printables available on the internet. They are a cute way to add just a little something to a space. Spend a few cents to send them to Target or Walgreens and have them printed on a higher quality printer. Slap 'em in a picture frame and viola!

What tricks have you used to redecorate your home on a budget? I'd love to hear what ideas you have to add to the list. 


  1. Great tips! Now I just need a house to decorate :)

  2. Love these tips, especially about the free printables now to get a working printer again.... hahah

  3. Good tips! I also love to decorate constantly and I have downloaded Hobby lobby and Joanne's apps on my phone and they have 40% off coupons they can scan off your phone so if I ever find something I want and don't want to chance waiting for it to go on sale and not granbing it first, i pull out my phone and use a coupon on it right then and there! But all my seasonal decor I buy the day after the holiday :) I love how much stuff I picked up for Christmas next year!

  4. Love these tips! I recently moved and am trying to update an older feeling place for cheap!


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