Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Library Tote

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Christmas 2011 the Mr. and I decided to try something new. Something different. Something unexpected. We committed to a handmade Christmas. Almost all of the gifts we gave were items we made. We had such a fun time together, crafting things up. One of my very favorites was the library tote. 

At the time, I was a nanny to two {very sweet and adorable} boys. The boys and I frequented the local library to feed their love of learning and of books. There could never be enough books. So, I found a simple tutorial online and before I knew it the Mr. and I created two very functional {and pretty darn cute} library totes.

We tried our hand at yet another library tote this weekend. Our dear friends were celebrating their sweet little gal's 2nd birthday, so we made a tote. And when I say we, I actually mean the Mr. He is 100% responsible for all the sewing that is involved. He makes my vision come to life. I love that man. 

Here's the bag he crafted. 

If you'd like to make one for yourself or an adorable little human in your life here are a couple tutorials. We used the tutorial from Mollie Makes for each of the totes we've made. Her tutorial is incredibly easy, something for a beginner sewer. If you want to take it up a notch, My Growing Home offers a tutorial that looks awesome too.


  1. How adorable!!! I love that your husband sews. :-)


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