Thursday, April 4, 2013


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Today the Mr. and I have a super sized decision to make. 
Today we decide whether or not we will put an offer in on a certain home we've seen. 

Maybe to some this is an easy task, a decision that takes little thought. For me, for us, it's something that requires trust. Trusting that we are making the right decision. Trusting that every little detail will fall into place. Trusting that this is right where He wants us to be.


I have to consciously remind myself that I need to trust Him to orchestrate every single detail of this journey. I could drive myself crazy thinking of all the things that could go wrong. I could sit and worry constantly about the littlest things, or I could choose to trust the One who knows the future. 

Today we have many decisions to make which will lend itself to many opportunities to be led by Him and trust in His guidance. You guys, this is so much easier said than done. As I sit here typing this I'm thinking of all the what if scenarios. They are literally bombarding me, and as they come I have to physically picture myself taking each situation and giving it to Him.

My prayer over the last week as we've hemed and hawed over this decision is Lord, not our will, but Your will. Is this the home you have for us? We are trusting in You with all of our heart. We are acknowledging You and begging asking that You direct our path.

Sometimes I wonder if He giggles at us humans, trying to make these decisions, the bigger decisions you make in life. I wonder if He simply wishes we would acknowledge Him in everything we do. To Him this decision is nothing, no big thang as my sister would say. I can confidently say that whether or not we put an offer in on this home and whether or not the offer gets accepted I can continue to trust Him. I have to.


  1. Trust is hard but it is always best! Good luck with the big decisions--may His plan be evident to you guys on this journey!

  2. You & Emily from Newlywed Moments are on tune today! Both of your posts have hit close to home with me. Thank you for writing this post. <3


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