Friday, May 3, 2013

Love Notes

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As a wife, I'm always on the hunt for ways to encourage my husband. It can be in a big way, like that time I spent 6+ months planning a surprise birthday party, or in smaller ways like I'm doing today. I woke up this morning feeling extra motivated to let my man know how much he means to me, how much he blesses my life, and how much I love him. 

Unfortunately, I think some married couples suck the fun out of their relationships unknowingly. It takes effort to keep the relationship fun and exciting. Life isn't as silly and care-free as it was when couples were simply dating each other. With marriage comes more responsibility and real life issues. With that being said I {along with the Mr.} try to be mindful of keeping our relationship fun, goofy, and light hearted. Life's serious enough, marriage doesn't have to be.

So today I'm showing you a super easy, but effective way to encourage your spouse {or significant other, sibling, parent, etc.}. Each and every one of you can take this idea today, with the items you have in your craft drawer, and bless someone important in your life. 

+ Find your favorite paper, marker, and washi tape
+ Write from your heart; whatever comes to mind that you love about the person you're blessing
+ Hide the love notes in places he/she will easily find 
{sock drawer, refrigerator, in the ipad case, in their car, shower, etc.}
+ Wait patiently for their reaction as they discover love notes from you all day long

Will you be an encourager today?


  1. Oh man... i need to write my husband a love note! it's been awhile. sigh. thanks for the reminder!!!! we love to do it for each other... so i don't know why i have to "plan" to do it. life is just busy sometimes. no excuses! i'm doing this TODAY! thanks for the encouragement, woman! XO

  2. It's so wonderful to bless our hubbys with our creativity. (and vice vera, of course) :-)

  3. Such a great idea! My hubs and I work together so we are together a whole lot. I feel like surprises like these are important...but so hard to pull off!

  4. Great idea! My husband and I try to keep our relationship strong, and things like this are great ways to accomplish that. Just being armed with the knowledge that marriage takes work is a great advantage. So many people just think everything's going to be all hunky dory without even trying. The divorce rate is proving that isn't so. Keep working on your marriage and thanks for the reminder to do the same.

    Oh... and yay for couples who realize that just because a marriage needs work doesn't mean it's bad.

    Sorry for the ramble ;)

  5. I love leaving notes! They're so fun!

  6. Hey Brittany, I'm a new follower and I just adore this idea!! I may only be 19 but I'm definitely making a mental note to remember to do this someday for my future love :)

  7. I buy different post it notes and leave them all over the house. One time I told him I hid 15 different notes, it took him months to find them but he'd get really excited for each and every note, knowing they could pop up everywhere. 8)

    We also write each other messages on the mirror after each of us showers. It's a cute & fun thing to see when I'm getting ready in the morning, after he's already gone for the day.


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