Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Strawberry Toasted Coconut Muffins

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Today my pal Lindsey is sharing one seriously awesome recipe with us. She is constantly posting recipes on her blog that leaving me drooling. No lie. Not only is she a baking machine, she is a gorgeous fashionista. I want her to take me shopping so badly and share her shopping wisdom with me! AND, she's going to be a newly married woman soon so go wish her a big congratulations, will ya?!

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Hey guys! I’m Lindsey and the handsome devil to my right is my fiancé, B. I started my little blog, Follow the Ruels, right after B and I got engaged over Memorial Day weekend last year. It originally started as a way for me to document my wedding planning journey as well as some of my other hobbies.

One of those hobbies, and something that you will probably find me doing on a weekly basis, is baking. I do a lot of baking. Which is kind of an unfortunate hobby for a girl that needs to fit into a wedding dress in six months.

One of my favorite things to bake are muffins. My stepmom makes the best muffins, so I typically just make variations of her recipe. My latest creation is strawberry toasted coconut muffins. 

These are perfect muffins for summer. You know, if you were looking for a summer muffin. The strawberries are sweet and a little tart, and when paired with the coconut, it almost tastes like a tropical strawberry shortcake. Yum, right?

I hope you give these muffins a try. You can print the recipe here, and if you want to check out some more of my recipes, you can see them all here.

Happy baking!!


  1. I don't like coconut, but these look pretty amazing!

  2. Thanks for featuring me today, Brittany!! You are so sweet!!


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