Monday, May 6, 2013

The Sunday Currently, Volume 1 {on a Monday}

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aren't these the most beautiful farm fresh eggs? I can't get over the blue/green one.

Reading: Perfectly Unique // This summer I will be re-reading this book with a handful of our High School girls from our youth group. God has given me the revelation of helping these beautiful young ladies realize the importance of their identity in Him, not what the world says about them or the lies they believe about themselves. 

Writing: She Reads Truth journal // To say I have enjoyed my quiet time this week would be an understatement. Reading is great, but the combination of reading and writing down my thoughts and verses that speak to me has been incredible.

Listening: Dishwasher // One thing I'm looking forward to as we transition to our new home is purchasing a quieter dishwasher.

Thinking: Time flies // It seems like just last week the Mr. and I officially started house hunting. A month ago we submitted our offer and now we're closing on the house in 14 days. I can't wait to share some more of the details. The whole experience has been amazing and a true testimony to God's faithfulness and overwhelming goodness. 

Smelling: Fresh flowers // Last Monday I was showered with so many flowers for my birthday. They are literally in every room of our house. It's the best. 

Wishing: Christ's return // We had a guest speaker at church this morning who is originally from India, but now resides in the states. Him and his wife are now missionaries in his birth country. They travel back and forth, mainly spending their time in India helping women who are illegally forced to have abortions as well as giving orphaned children a safe place. Their message weighed so heavy on my heart. It left me wishing for peace on this earth, but more importantly that He would come. Come quickly. 

Hoping: Productivity // One of the busiest times of youth ministry is upon us. We have so many upcoming events to plan and fundraisers to organize. This week I am praying for the time to be extra productive. 

Wearing: Bare Feet // It feels so good to have bare feet. Thankful for this weather that allows me to do so.

Loving: Kate Spade // Last summer I bought my sister the most perfect Kate Spade bow earrings. I would have purchased a pair for myself except I didn't have my ears pierced. Thankfully this fall I took the plunge and now I have two perfect little earring holes in my ears. So yesterday I snatched her Kate Spade earrings from her, to borrow. Indefinitely.
 Wanting: Nothing // I'm trying to be content with what I have instead of wanting, wanting, wanting what I don't have. 
Needing: Much // Well since we're going to be remodeling a home in 2 weeks there is a whole lot that we need. I'll spare you the forever long list.

Feeling: Emotional // I don't have an explantion for this one. Family members reading this, I am certain your mind immediately went to pregnancy. You guys are too funny. However, I am not with child, just extra emotional lately.
Clicking: Here and here // Unfortunately lately, I haven't been able to keep up with many blogs, my time is spent reading reviews on appliances and such. Exciting stuff, I know.

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  1. Yes! Bare feet. It seriously is my favorite, ever. Yay for you guys and your house!! And I totally know what you mean by wanting a quieter dishwasher - our old one was SO LOUD. And my Dad is very much wishing for Christ's return sooner, too. We always talk about it, every time I visit home and every time we phone each other. It's such a wonderful topic.

  2. I enjoyed reading through your list. I like wanting. This is so true.


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