Thursday, June 13, 2013

Alphabet Dating

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As a wife of almost seven years I'm pretty much always on the hunt for new date ideas. The Mr. and I have our usual go-to dates, but it's fun to mix things up from time to time. Alphabet Dating is the perfect way to do just that! 

Thanks to Kaitlyn and Sharlee several awesome ladies and myself have planned dates themed around the letters of the alphabet. You can go here to catch up on letters A-K, today I'm sharing a date the Mr. and I planned with the letter "L". 

My first thought was to go on a picnic lunch, lay by the lake, and drink limeades. Sounds like the perfect day to me! Although we didn't end up getting that picnic lunch, we did manage to lay lazy on the hammock, make raspberry limeades, and walk to the lake to enjoy a sunset.

 We got a chance to be lazy together and lay on the very hammock we used to snuggle on when we met 9 years ago. 

And just because you might need a little giggle, here we are the summer of 2004.

The Mr. snapped this photo at the lake, absolutely no editing, that's just how beautiful God's handiwork is. 

We made our favorite limeade recipe, but this time we added fresh raspberries. Yum.

If you had to plan a date around the letter "L" what would you do?


  1. What an awesome date night! The picture of the lake is so pretty...I bet in real life it was breathtaking!

  2. So fun!!! New follower of your adorable blog from Wifessionals. :)


  3. Its so pretty there! I love your relaxing date (:

  4. Sounds like a magnificent date! :-)


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