Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Installing a Search Box {a Tutorial}

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I recently discovered that I didn't have a handy dandy search box on the blog. This is a tool I use on other blogs when I'm searching for a post I read once and am trying to find again. So, I knew it was a feature I wanted to offer as well.

Since I just installed the search box for myself I thought I would show you how you can do it too. It's so incredibly easy. If you haven't done it already here's your chance to learn how.

Let's get started! 

1// Sign into Blogger and select "layout".
2// Select "add a gadget".

3// Once you have selected "add a gadget" a small window will pop up with several choices. Scroll down until you see "search box". Click on the plus sign. 

4// This "configure search box" will automatically show the title box filled in with the words "search this blog". Whichever words are typed into this box is what will appear above the actual search box on your blog. I chose to have the word "search" only. The tabs you see below the title box will all come checked. I chose to only keep "this blog" checked simply because I wanted readers to only have the ability to search for content on my blog.
5// Right below all the information seen in the above image will be this image. It's simply a preview of what your search box will look like. It's also where you will need to click "save".
6// Once you click "save" you will be brought back to your blogger dashboard. Your "search box" gadget will automatically be located at the top of all your gadgets. I simply used the drag and drop method to move my search box where I wanted it. 
7// After you are satisfied with its location click "save arrangement" at the top right of your screen and you're done! 

Make sure to point out to all your readers that they now have the option of searching within your blog to find their favorite posts.

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