Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wisconsin Meets Mississippi

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Something big is happening in my life. My little sis, who as a 24 year old woman isn't so little, is moving all they way across the world. At least it feels like it. She tells me Mississippi is in the United States, and only a { impossibly long} days drive away. Good luck trying to convince me that is the truth, because as far as I'm concerned, any city that's not found in Wisconsin is considered across the world. 

Bree and I have spent the majority of our lives either living together, or living in the same city as each other. Of course when I got married and moved with my brand new hubby to Oklahoma she was only 17. She had her own busy high school life and although we missed each other like crazy it seemed we were in two different parts of life. 

Now that we're reunited in Wisconsin and have been for the last 4 1/2 years we've gotten closer than ever. We see each other every day and talk even more on the phone about who knows what. She's the only one who will ever understand my love for Target and Dairy Queen crunch coat, and the affects of a parent's divorce. We're lifelong buddies, her and I.

I can't imagine not having her around to live life with; the every day kind of stuff. Now we'll have to plan trips to see her and vice versa. She'll have to come home to get a white Christmas and we'll have to decide which birthdays will have to celebrated via Face Time.

Even though my heart is sad that she'll be far from me, I am so happy for her to go live her adventure.
I came across a quote the other day, and when I read it I knew I had to make it into a print to frame for her. Part of me wishes she will look at it every day, bawl her eyes out, and return home to Wisconsin immediately. I do know that is a horrible thing to wish upon her and I also know that will most likely not happen. I guess that's just the selfish part of me. In reality I know she will love living in a new state, making new friends, and for crying out loud, enjoying the beach that she can see from her house. I guess this move means I'll be seeing a whole lot more of Mississippi than I ever planned on.

For some {most likely} hilarious updates on her move and my life in Wisconsin without her be sure to follow along on twitter; #wisconsinmeetsmississippi


  1. That is a beautiful quote! I know you will miss her like crazy. I couldn't imagine because sisters have such an indescribable bond.

  2. Awww!!! You'll just have to make plenty of trips to go and see her :)


  3. Definitely a big move! I'm sure you'll remain as close as ever, though. :)


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