Friday, July 12, 2013

Ask + Receive {a teal mason jar story}

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I grew up in the church. Naturally, I have head knowledge of bible verses, parables, and faith concepts. This doesn't always translate into putting what I know into action. Something simple happened this past week that gave me a new revelation on asking and receiving. You know, from the bible verse, "ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you". It's a verse I've probably known by heart since I was a child. I've overlooked the words because they have become second nature to me. 

Sunday we were at our weekly family dinner at my in-loves house. It's a new tradition we've started where every Sunday we all gather from the cities we live and have a meal together; catch up on life. I'm thankful for this time together. It helps us slow down and enjoy the small moments.

Back to the story.

The Mr.'s mom has a beautiful collection of teal mason jars and enamelware above her kitchen cabinets. Every single time we go over I eye up those teal mason jars and dream about the day I can beg her to let me have just one. So, this past Sunday I told her while they were gone on vacation someday I was going to snatch one of those jars up. Her response was the sweetest. She couldn't believe I hadn't just asked her for one. She was thrilled that I wanted one and told me to take as many as I wanted. Really? You mean all I had to do was ask? 

I feel like many of us are wanting something more in life; joy, friendship, a job, patience. Whatever it may be all we really need to do is ask in prayer. It's really that easy. We can't receive unless we ask. Just like I couldn't have received my teal mason jars unless I asked. 

I challenge you to simply ask Him for something today, He knows your heart. He knows your desires and it's His desire to make that happen in your life. 

Keep in mind I don't think the "ask and you shall receive principle means that if you ask God for 1 million dollars it's going to show up on your door step. There is obviously some simple minded faith behind the principle.


  1. This is a beautiful post, Brittany.

    Sometimes the simplest truths are the most profound! Thanks for the dose of warmth, this morning.

  2. This gave me chills. I just love the message in this post. God is so faithful!

  3. What a wonderful object lesson for a verse that so many of us overlook. Thanks for such a wonderful reminder of the love of God!

  4. How awesome that you were able to be reminded of this great truth through such a simple experience!

  5. Great lesson in a great story!! I also would love those teal mason jars. :)

  6. This post is just what I needed! The reminder to "just ask" or "just talk" to him. Simple yet sweet. He is there to help you and guide you. However, it is up to you to talk to him.......

    Mrs. T @ My Front Porch

  7. Great story <3 ps I have loved those jars forever too! Can't wait to find some.

  8. Thank you so much for that reminder. Sometimes I too forget to just ask and pray. But I have lived by that verse for a very long time!


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