Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY Sugar Scrub

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I've always had a thing for a good scrub. I love the way it makes my skin feel, and gosh darn it, that right there amps up my confidence a little. 

I don't however, use a scrub on a regular basis. Usually once after winter, to exfoliate all that dry winter skin off, and then again in summer to make me feel like my skin is glowing.

Saturday I wanted to do a scrub with my shower, but major problem...all my non-daily bathroom essentials are packed up until we move into the house. So, somewhere in my garage lies my lemon scrub. Enter creative brain. I had to make one. 

Into the kitchen I went, on the hunt for sugar scrub like ingredients. Here's what I came up with. Coconut oil and sugar. That's it, two ingredients. I added the coconut oil into a small bowl and warmed it up a little to make sure it would mix nicely with the sugar. I simply kept adding sugar until it was the right consistency. This isn't some magicical ratio, just eyeball it and give a feel to see if it's what you're used to using. 

One batch made enough to do a full body scrub and there was enough leftover for another use. Note: I have super sensitive skin so I didn't add any fragrance, but I'm sure you could use vanilla or coconut extract to give it a delicious scent. I'm sure it wouldn't have given me any sort of reaction, but since I was headed to a wedding that afternoon I didn't want to chance it. I might add a little coconut extract into the leftovers I have and give that a whirl. 

This is the perfect summer scrub. It could also double as a fun gift idea for a birthday or even for a new mama.  

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