Friday, July 26, 2013

Meet Charley Louise

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It all started late on a Wednesday night. I was at the new house painting away, just waiting for my sister to show up and keep me company. She called, letting me know she was sorry it was taking her so long. Then she told me why. "I found a dog running down the middle of the road." My immediate reaction? Uh oh. 

When she showed up at my house she had a tiny, collar-less dachshund wrapped up in her zip up hoodie. The little pooch was clearly very friendly, not to mention adorable. It was 11:00 pm and we had no idea what to do with this lost little pup. After phone calls to the local animal shelter and the police department we had no luck finding her owner. It was decided she would go home with my sister for the night.

The next day we were determined to find her home. We called the animal shelter again, no luck. We took her to a local vet to see if she had a micro chip that would help us locate her home. No luck. My sister posted an announcement on facebook. No luck.

 Little Miss Charley is now the mysterious stray that was once running down a busy street late at night and found herself a new home. From the very beginning she has been the most loving and cuddly pup you could ask for. She has the sweetest demeanor and simply wants to be as close to a human being as possible. I can't help but think my sister found her right when she needed to.

Fast forward 2 weeks.
Charley is loving life; adapting very well to her new home, new people, and new surroundings. My sister took her into the vet to get her caught up on vaccines. Turns out she's a healthy girl and just happy to be in her new home.

We will probably never know Charley's story or why my sister found her that night. What I do know is that she has seemingly become a part of the family very quickly. I hope she will stick around for a very long time. 

Welcome to the family little lady!


  1. What an adorable little pup! I'm glad that she found such a great family and that she's adjusting well.

  2. Oh my goodness! How stinking sweet! She's adorable :) and how lucky for her that your sister found her!!

  3. how sweet! I love that you and your sister are animal lovers not very many people would have stopped!

  4. we have two dachshunds and we love them sooo much, great dogs but they're very stubborn!

  5. Aww... What a sweet puppy! :-) I'm glad she found your family. :-)

  6. We are the proud parents of 4 kiddos - 3 two legged kiddaroos and 1 VERY LOVED 4 legged (now 13 year old) miniature dachshund, Quila (pronounced Key-la). She is the heartbeat of our family! Dachshunds are loving, loyal to a fault and thee best bed snugglers known to man :)


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