Monday, July 15, 2013

Saying Hello

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+ Hello sleep deprivation. This house remodel needs to come to end so we can sleep again. 

+ Hello Charley; new furry member of the family. You're a mystery, but so sweet and loving. 

+ Hello body aches. {See above; house remodel}.

+ Hello handsome, hard working husband. You impress me every single day. 

+ Hello day off. 

+ Hello warm sunshine. I want to enjoy you at the lake. 

+ Hello DIY vanity facelift, can't wait to share you here once you're finished. 

+ Hello chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. 

+ Hello move-in week. That's right, we're moving into the new house this week! 

+Hello to-do list. I must go tackle you now.  

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  1. Nice post! It made for a fun Monday post and I'm glad I discovered the link up for those days you need something to write!


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