Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday's Letters

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Dear Packers, my sweet husband can hardly contain his excitement about the upcoming football season. Thankfully we were able to spend a few hours soaking in the Lambeau Field ambiance last weekend with our sweet friends. Dear Summer, you're coming to a sudden close. I can feel it in the cooler weather in the evenings. I'm a bit sad, mostly because we haven't had the time to enjoy our favorite summer activities (read: house remodel). I am however, looking forward to the season that follows you; it's my favorite. Dear Pink Magnolia Candle, I can't get enough of you. You're my go to when it comes to candle burning. Dear House, we love you. It's fun to look around and reminisce on all the projects we've worked on together. We couldn't be more happy with the way you turned out! We're looking forward to the years we will spend here making memories. Dear Zucchini, I think it's time you and I parted ways till next year. Yesterday evening was spent grating you in order to use you up. You made 3 loaves of zucchini banana bread and 2 pans of chocolate zucchini bars. I'm zucchini-ed out. Dear Fur Baby, next time you get excited someone is at the door, try to remember Charley Louise is in front of you. Then maybe she won't get punted like a football by you and go sailing down the back steps. Perhaps this would have avoided an emergency trip to the vet on her behalf. I hope you apologize for giving sweet little Charley a soft tissue injury and prescription pain medication. Dear Mr., you've been especially sweet lately. From the foot rubs to you ironing my clothes for me, I'm trying to figure out what you're buttering me up for! Dear God, I had a hard time talking with a youth this week who was really questioning whether or not You are good. There is so much going on in her own life that feels rotten and she is having a hard time trusting You. I ask that You would make yourself real to her in a fresh new way she's never experienced.


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  1. I love your Friday Letters, but what I love more is your heart for your husband and our amazing God!! Bless you!


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