Friday, November 8, 2013

Be Intentional

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Yesterday afternoon as I sat in a lunch meeting I was struck by a statement a gentlemen made about high schoolers and their faith. His comment was about how important it is that we, being a part of youth ministry, understand the significance of our high schoolers being intentional in their faith. 

While this sounds like an easy task it's one of the more difficult parts of youth ministry. Our youth battle with more than we ever did in high school and the constant presence of social media in their lives also plays a key role. Trying to teach them the importance of having their own faith is hard sometimes. It doesn't always feel like it clicks with them.

Yesterday's meeting focused around giving our high schoolers a reason to be intentional about their faith now, right now. That way they will be able to take it with them to their college years. While I've always known this is true, for some reason it hit me extra hard yesterday. It gave me a renewed sense of passion that what I'm doing with my husband in youth ministry is making a difference and has the potential to make an even bigger difference. 

It's really quite easy to go day in and day out to the office; stuck in the mentality of being task focused. I have to remind myself that it's about the people, the relationships, and the reality that I can impact their lives. The pile of files on my desk, the list of emails that need to be sent, and the never ending to-do list can wait. They will wait, because they will always be there. These students though? They can not wait. They need us, they need me now. The reality is that they're in and then suddendly out of our ministry in the blink of an eye. Before we know it they will be graduatiing high school and then they're off to college. With that, the small window of time we had to impact them is gone. 

I guess this is more of a self reflection than anything. I'm realizing, again, the imporant work we've been called to. I'm realzing how great of a burden that is, but also how incredibly beautiful the reward is. I'm realzing I can not do this without Him. I'm realizing how incredible it is that He would choose a broken vessel like myself.  I'm realizing the importance of grace.

Whatever you are passionate about in life, whether it be your work, your ministry, your kids, your spouse, or your faith, be intentional with all of it. 
The reward is great.


  1. it really does take some extra effort to be intentional, but you're right, when it comes to young people (who are only young for so long), it is so important!! :)

  2. Love this! With such a high-tech world we live in it can be so easy to get distracted and not be intentional with people and things.

  3. Loved your post today on Wifessionals. Humility is certainly a struggle of mine as well. Not quite in the same way as you (you may definitely come judge the need for my toilet to be scrubbed, lol), but moreso becoming wrapped up in praises from others. They give me the type of joy and satisfaction that can be borderline dangerous so I need to lay out in prayer before God about that more often. God bless.



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